I was eight years old in 1970, which was the first time I ever heard Take me Home, Country roads.  I had heard lots of music before then but I guess I just hadn’t made the emotional shift that would allow a piece of music to really get inside of me. That changed everything. Music wasn’t just entertainment anymore. It was love and pain and joy and it was something real.

I was thirty six the morning, twenty years ago today, NPR announced that he had died. I felt something real on that day. Though we never met and he never knew, I lost a friend and the world along with me.

For all this, I’m not too precious about John or his memory. Like myself and everyone else I have ever known, John is not to be defined only by his failings or his triumphs, but  by his spirit .

And the spirit fills the darkness of the heavens

It fills the endless yearning of the soul

It lives within a star too far to dream of

It lives within each part and is the whole

It’s the fire and the wings that fly us home

Joe Henry

Thank you John, I will never forget.