Bad songs say so much


I like a fair amount of pretty unpopular music. I also dislike a fair amount of music that is largely considered to be classic and timeless. This has led to years of defending the songs and artists I like while I was running down the ones I didn’t. Talk about a waste of time.

This is all pretty self-evident, I guess. In retrospect, none of this should be very meaningful since the songs we like don’t, or shouldn’t, be any sort of commentary on what kind of people we are, with the exception of overtly political or religious themed fare.  Even those who take pleasure in putting down the artists I like don’t generally know if this music has any kind of deeper personal meaning to me, any more than I know these things about them. Therefore, It’s John Denver or Justin Hayward, but it’s not me. What it is, though, is time to start trying not to take it personally and stop contributing to the conflict. Having made this great breakthrough, I have come up with the kindest, most generous response I can make to a song I don’t like: “It’s not for me, but I’m sure it brings happiness to somebody”.

Now, in celebration of my long-awaited emergence into the light, I would like to offer, for your amusement or bemusement, this beautiful song from a truly excellent, though much maligned band, The Moody Blues, along with a little bit about why it is special to me.

During the winter of 1985/1986, my soon-to-be wife and I were in the middle of a long distance romance. I was scared. I knew that if I failed I would lose the best thing that could ever happen to me. I was back at square one, which was a little heavy, but I had sort of a plan.  I caught a ride into Atlanta during the week with a neighbor who left early, like city bus driver early, waited a couple hours before work and hitched a ride back home, which sometimes took hours. On all those evenings of cold windy weather, walking backwards into the setting sun, this was my song of hope.

All-righty then. There’s a big steaming spoonful of guts for you to wipe off your screen, so now it’s your turn. You don’t have to get super personal, just a song you like that your friends and family don’t seem to get, and a little bit about why you like it. We could be on the verge of compiling a YouTube playlist for the ages. But we can’t do it without you.

As you read this, 634,826 people of all ages, social groups and ethnic backgrounds are in danger of forgetting the music of Buddy Holly ALONE. Why? Because good people do nothing. So post a song in the comments and strike a blow to make the world a better place, or at least a scary, angry, evil place with better music.

Oh, and Nick, I know you’re reading this so don’t try to hide. You need to put that Air Supply disc in your car, turn it up to an appropriate volume and rip the knob off.

Can’t wait to hear what everyone has to offer.

Business? What Business?


I commented on a blog recently and received a deep stealth trolling from someone who felt the poster should tell me to mind my own business. I wasn’t offended, I just had to wonder about it. If someone posts something personal o a public blog page, has that not just become everybody’s business?