We travel through our lives with the ones we love, the ones who are important. We try to stay close, even hand in hand but, inevitably, one of us gets lost anyway. This morning that friend, that important one, was my sweet baby Milton. You can see his face on my profile picture for the next few days, before I change it. Its too much to take.

It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t painless. I could have shot him but I just knelt beside him on the floor, second guessing myself until it no longer made any difference. I get philosophical about death, the ethics of mercy and the irresistible compulsion to hold on, even when there is nothing left to do but let go. Death came to Milton as a friend, one I couldn’t bring myself to be. I say this to my everlasting shame.

I don’t think I deserve any consolation, so please don’t comment. Milton was a real good boy and I’m going to miss him every day. So long old friend.