So there’s this Rock and Roll Hall of fame place and people, some people, like to complain about its lack of diversity. Let’s think about this for a minute.

First, before we even get to the numbers, let’s consider the music and what should go where. Just down the road from Cleveland, the home of the RRHOF is the town of Canton, Ohio, home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Barring a serious cultural change and a major rewriting of history, Tiger woods,, Serena Williams and Babe Ruth will never be inducted there, for obvious reasons. Now Rock and Roll.

First, for the diversity crowd, I have a few numbers. Of the 77 acts inducted in its first ten years, 44 were either all black or featured black performers. Were they that much better?  The Beatles had to wait two years, along with the Beach Boys and  Bob Dylan  the Rolling Stones waited three, The Grateful Dead waited eight,, David Bowie and Pink Floyd, ten years. Whitney Houston who,, bless her heart, is about as not rock and roll as it gets, will be inducted this year while Pat Benatar, who has every bit as good a voice and a thousand times as much Rock and roll edge and swagger, not to mention Motorhead…Fucking MOTORHEAD have to wait while the so-called experts pander to the whiners.

I can sympathize a bit more with the ladies, who truly are, in my opinion, underrepresented to some extent. When the new Hip Hop Museum/ Hall of fame is opened in Harlem, I will watch with interest to see how long it takes them to induct Patsy Cline and Led Zeppelin. Until then, please know that I smell what you’re cookin’. It’s a big ol’ pan full of shut the fuck up. Time to play my guitar.